Hello! I recently completed my undergraduate studies at MIT in mathematics and history.

I currently do research in formal verification and automated theorem proving. I have previously conducted research in robotics, nanosystems, and astrophysics.

You can download my CV here.

Research Experience

  • MIT Center for Brains, Minds, and MachinesSpring '19

    Research Assistant

    Designed reinforcement learning environment to prove mathematical theorems in linear algebra.

  • MIT Distributed Robotics LabSpring '16, Fall '17–Fall '18

    Research Assistant

    Constructed risk-estimating cost function and developed path-planning algorithms for safer autonomous vehicles.

  • MITRE Nanosystems GroupSummer '16

    Research Assistant

    Developed circuits and algorithms for non-invasive medical device to reduce size, weight, and required power.

  • MIT Exoplanet Theory LabSummer '15

    Research Assistant

    Algorithmically classified thousands of life-identifying chemical spectra to pave way for detecting life on other planets.

  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Summer '14–Summer '15

    Research Assistant

    Developed microlensing-based exoplanet detection algorithms to be deployed on NASA’s WFIRST telescope.


  • Dynamic Risk Density for Autonomous Navigation in Cluttered Environments without Object Detection

    ICRA 2019.

    Authors: Alyssa Pierson, Cristian Ioan Vasile, Anshula Gandhi, Wilko Schwarting, Sertac Karaman, and Daniela Rus.


  • Additive Latin Transversals using Combinatorial NullstellensatzSpring '19

    Expository talk based on Noga Alon's paper given in MIT’s Seminar on Combinatorics course. You can view my illustrated slides here.


  • Real Analysis Comics

    I have written a few comics that teach real analysis (the mathematics of formalizing calculus) by asking and answering the philosophical questions that gave rise to each real analysis concept. You can read them at